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ENG 091: English Review

Essay Structure

Essay Structure Resources

Find Definitions & Synonyms

While you are writing, it is helpful to have a couple of tools handy:

  • A dictionary for definitions.  Make sure you are using your words correctly.
  • A thesaurus for synonyms -- find new words to use.

Ask your campus librarians what they have that you can check out.  Here are some online resources:

Citation Decision Chart

Am I citing my sources correctly?

When you use someone else's words or ideas to make a point, or help support an argument, you need to give them credit. If you don't, you will lose points on your paper.

To keep this from happening, you need to learn the right way to let people know when you're using words or ideas from other people. There are several different citation formats; Baker College uses the APA (American Psychological Association) format.

The APA format is made up of 2 different pieces: in-text citations and a reference page.

1 The in-text citations go in the body of your paper, right where you use the information. This tells the people reading your paper where you got the information. The in-text citation includes the author's last name and the year.
2 The reference page is a list of all of the sources that you cited in your paper. The list is alphabetical by author's last name. This way your instructor can easily find a source on your reference page from your in-text citation.