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Computer Support @ Home

Handling error messages

"Sorry, your identification is not recognized"
Check if you have entered all 14-digits of the library (barcode) number beginning with 23504....: no number missing or transposed.
No blank space before the first number
Using the number from your recent/replacement ID card
Check your SOLAR account indicates that the number is Activated, along with the date of activation.
Library barcode will NOT work for remote access, when you are not taking classes.
"Browser did not send referring URL"
Clear cookies and cache, close browser, relaunch and try again.
If this happens, when you try to look up an article using the URL you had saved, log into the database first and then click on the link.
"Your access period has ended. Please try again"
This might happen due to an extended period of inactivity. Do not use if a login prompt appears. Close all your windows, re-launch browser, open Library Resources page, select database and <login>.
Requires additional login
DO NOT USE THE LOGIN PROMPT. Clear cookies and cache, close browser, relaunch and try again.
If you are at work or on a military base, your organization’s firewall may be preventing you from accessing the Baker server. Talk to the tech support at work for a work-around.
I have followed all the instructions, but error messages and problems still persist.
Upon making the changes in settings, refresh the browser window. If necessary, re-boot the system and try.

Perception vs. Reality

Online Resources are available 24/7/365…
Not completely true. There are some down times: software upgrade, server maintenance, server backup, server outage. For example, the PALNet server backup Sundays 2am–3am EST. Resources will NOT be available at that time.
All articles in the database offer full-text 
Only about 60% of them have full-text online -- rest will show only citation and/or abstract. This gap is rapidly closing as the number of full-text publications grow exponentially.
When you find only abstract/citation, submit a request to the library. We will get you the full article, free of charge.
When database indicated full-text is available, it WILL be there
Publisher/author permissions, and copyright laws may restrict full-text availability of some of the articles in electronic format. 
Once I become a Baker student, I will have remote access privileges to online library till I graduate
Not really. Remote access to the resources will be available only when you are taking classes. Access will be discontinued when you are not taking classes and will be re-instated when you take class the next time.
I can access the databases from anywhere in the world, at any time…
Technically yes. But there may be problems when you try to access some of these sites from your workplace because of their firewall and other restrictions.