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MTH 108: College Math I: Reasoning & Application

Finding Charts and Graphs

The fastest way to find a chart or graph is to use one of the library databases.

  • Try searching Newsstand.
  • Click on the Advanced search link in the menu bar across the top of the screen.
  • In the search box(es), type in whatever topic you are searching for.
  • In the More Options section, check the boxes next Full Text Documents  and Contains Images.
  • In by publication date(s), click on the radio button next to Between and select the dates you are looking for.
  • In the by document type box, scroll down until you see Graph (or Chart) and select it.
  • Click on the Search button.
  • You can now browse through the listings to find an applicable chart or graph.

Topic Overviews

Reference materials give an overview of a subject, summarize issues, give definitions, & cite facts.

Gapminder World

Finding Data

Go to the Statistical Abstract database. Click Statistical Abstracts US. Run a keyword search or browse the section titles.

Statistical Abstracts US

Statistical Abstract Search