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Coldwater Campus ARC Services

Coldwater Campus

Welcome to the Baker College of Coldwater page. 

Check out the Jackson Campus ARC tab for library and other resources.

Check with your campus for academic advising and tutoring information.

Find Journal, Magazine, and Newspaper Articles

For databases of articles, see Baker's Online Resources.

Off-campus, you will need the library number from your Baker ID or Contact Information page in SOLAR.

If you need any help, please ask a librarian.

Baker College E-Book Collections

For more books that you can read online, try looking in the following e-book databases:

Evaluating Websites

When searching the Internet, remember to evaluate the websites you visit.

Keep in mind the 5 W's:

Who? Is the writer an authority on the topic?, What? Is the information relevant to your search? Where? Where is the information published? What domain (for websites)? When? Is the information current? Why? What is the purpose of the information?