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SCI 101C: Human Anatomy and Physiology I

About the Microscopy Project


It has been our experience that many students find Histology - Microscopy a challenge to master!  This Project: Microscopy in Review was developed to assist you in that mastery.

On this site, we have included:

  • A sampling of micrographs that are organized under the following HeadingsCytology and Tissues.
  • Each micrograph has a Plate Number. For example, Plate #04 presents a micrograph of a type of Epithelial Tissue.  
  • Information concerning this micrograph may be obtained by hovering over the letter i next to the Plate number.
  • Plate #04A provides the viewer with the name of the tissue type when you hover over the letter i.  Thus, this site can serve as an independent review session outside of your laboratory environment.  
  • To study, you simply select the precise Plate #, identify the micrograph by structure, and then confirm your response by hovering over the letter i next to corresponding Plate #A.
  • For your convenience, we have also included an inventory of our micrographs. This document is located under the drop down box:  Microscopy Image Inventory.

Final Comments:  This Project is being made available as a supplement to your laboratory experience and is NOT a substitution for regular laboratory attendance. We wish you success in the mastery!

Meet the Muskegon Team

Photo of the microscopy team.

Meet the Microscopy Team

(Baker College of Muskegon)

Sue Stout, Program Director of Science

Wayne Doyle, Academic Fieldwork Coordinator for OTA

Terri Rutzen, Human Anatomy & Physiology Lab Developer & Coordinator