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SCI 220A: Microbiology

About the Microbiology Project


This library resource is designed to give students of Microbiology an additional tool for mastering the course. 

  • Many of the important procedures discussed in lab are reviewed on these pages. 
  • In addition, numerous examples of the different structures and organisms that you will encounter in lab are included. 
  • Images on this guide are organized by the procedures used to create them and relate directly to specific labs.  
  • Each micrograph has been issued a Name. For example, Helminth01 presents a microscope image of a type of Roundworm parasite.  
  • Information concerning this micrograph may be obtained when you hover over the letter i associated with the image. 
  • Helminth01A provides the viewer with the answer(s) to questions asked about the original image. 
  • Thus, this site can serve as an independent review session outside of your laboratory environment for labs throughout the course.  
  • For your convenience, we have also included an inventory of our micrographs. This document is located under the drop down box:  Microscopy Image Inventory.   

This Project is being made available as a supplement to your laboratory experience and is NOT a substitution for regular laboratory attendance. We wish you success in mastering this course!

The Microbiology Crew 

Meet the Muskegon Team


Meet the Microbiology Team

 (Baker College of Muskegon)

Doug Brouwer and Shannon McFarren, Lecture and Lab Instructors

Wayne Doyle, Health Science Lab Coordinator